EclipseSource has always had a strong focus on Tools, including IDEs, Software Engineering Tools, Domain-Specific Tools and Modeling Tools. Use our experience in designing, developing and enhancing tools for a variety of domains and based on all major technology platforms (desktop and web). See full scope of our services for tool development.

Unique needs deserve unique solutions. Our expertise in requirements engineering, agile processes and applying the right technologies enable us to address your specific requirements in an efficient way. Let’s work together to plan your solution.

Digitalization begins with an idea. Drawing from years of experience, we can quickly turn ideas into new digital workflows that revolutionize your business. Let us lead you the way to digital transformation.
Learn more about becoming digital with EclipseSource.

Need expert assistance? We provide flexible Developer Support packages to meet your demands. Our methods range from compact workshops to remote coaching, development of best practices and sponsored development. Learn about our Developer Support packages.

Need a head-start for your Eclipse project? Give your team an early advantage by booking one of our Eclipse training courses. Shorten your team’s learning curve with hands-on content and real-world insights delivered by our Eclipse experts. More about Eclipse Training.