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Experience meets innovation and technology

Digital transformation is challenging. It requires a broad set of capabilities and technologies working seamlessly together to achieve outstanding results. Our experience in building state of the art digital workflows and our ability to go deep with technology can be valuable ingredients to your digital transformation. Along with our customers, we develop innovative ideas, concepts, and solutions.

Our Team builds enterprise-class applications

We offer you an extensive knowledge of processing sensitive data. It has been proven in some of the most demanding sectors, like healthcare and banking. We use highly secure platforms to produce results in line with the highest data protection standards.

Our 1822direkt Banking App wins 1st place in app rating by CHIP magazine!

In its current issue 11/2018, the German CHIP computer magazine tested several online banking apps in the context of the article “Our money in safe hands”. Our 1822direkt Banking App developed with the Tabris framework came out best. We are very proud of this great result, which we reached in close co-operation with 1822direkt!

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Digitalization starts with an idea

The implementation of innovative ideas requires the knowledge, strategic thinking, and the courage to tread a new path. We have built technology to provide you with very fast roll-outs and to deliver early first versions of your solution to prove that your idea works.

Our experience with design thinking, user testing, and incremental product development enables us to progress at very high speed.

Digitalization needs to be smart

Smart solutions require a good understanding of the user and his context to excel. Apps can take advantage of sensors – providing location, motion, images, video streams and much more.

Big Data technologies, on the other hand, are key to creating a context in the back-end. Matching both for the benefit of the user is an art

Get the complete solution developed under one roof:

  • expert advice on your idea, developing a strategy and a concept,
  • the know-how necessary for the implementation of your project, which is built for the moment keeping the future in mind.

We can help you successfully digitalize your processes and optimize them. From developing appropriate products to providing support after the successful realization of your idea.

Our products meet strict security requirements and convince customers with outstanding quality. They are extensible and open for future additions and/or development.

Agile development with a plan

Take a step at a time toward digitalization

Agile software development is a matter of course for us for over ten years.

We have learned many lessons about balancing must-have features, fixed deadlines, and an iterative development process.

Let us guide you along a pragmatic way of early feedback, test driven, continuous integration and incremental development, independent of the latest buzz and dogma about the one and only true agile practice.

Our customers are deeply involved in our iterative approach to make sure the outcome fits their needs.

We make sure that the project direction is adjusted quickly and efficiently. This cooperative approach to your project is all about optimizing your investment.

Save development time and costs for secure mobile apps

We designed a technology that allows you to develop native apps from a single code base. It’s a cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows) framework called Tabris.js offering unique security features.

App technology

Deliver applications fast and with an iterative development approach.

Solve security issues by over-the-air updates of the JavaScript codebase without being forced to wait for admission to the app stores.

Receive tools equipped with cryptographically strong methods.

Utilize Runtime Self Protection for increased app security.

Use Modules to build apps

Speed up the development

Tabris.js lets you streamline the app production by using predefined components. These modules are built using the same technology (Tabris.js). The crucial ones are designed for the most demanding users.

  1. Strong authentication (PSD2 standard ready).
  2. Digital Signature.
  3. Chatbot relying on big data & machine-learning.

About the chatbot

Digitalization gives you completely new possibilities regarding communication with clients. Chatting is a definite trend that resonates with the younger generation. EclipseSource has already recognized this trend and developed a chatbot for customer service.

We combined machine learning and conventional technologies so that the chatbot supports users in carrying out banking transactions.

The Chatbot is based on a deep app integration

The bot is an integral part of the app. It can use the app’s functionalities and vice versa. Parts of the native app and the chatbot complement each other and provide the optimal workflow.

You can deploy this product as a cloud deployment as well as on-premise deployment. On-premise deployment provides support for processes that include the sensitive data. It’s a perfect model for business segments with strict security requirements.

The chatbot provides you with a proven knowledge base for chat-based banking.

App Security

We know how important it is for your business and make sure your data is safe.

When dealing with sensitive data, you need a trusted environment and special means to protect the integrity of your app and your customer’s data.

With our Tabris secure runtime proven in medical and financial services apps, you can take advantage of an end to end solution. This is why Tabris.js is designed to build apps with an increased security level. It’s been proven and tested to conform enterprise-grade requirements. Contact us to learn about the details.

Tabris secure runtime can also be embedded as a secure vault into existing mobile apps.

  • Rootkit / Jailbreak detection
  • Runtime Self Protection
  • Repackaging prevention
  • Direct integration into the JavaScript Virtual Machine → protection against popular hacking tools (Java instrumentation)
  • Resource verification with cryptographic signatures

We would be pleased to stand by your side on your way to the digital future!


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