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We have well over a decade of experience in designing, developing and enhancing tools for a variety of domains and based on all major technology platforms. Whether it is a classic IDE for software engineering, a modeling tool for your domain experts or a domain-specific solution for engineers, whether the tool is a web-based or desktop-based application, EclipseSource as the service provider for tools can support you conceptually and technically in designing and implementing the best possible solution for your use case.

Software Engineering Tools/IDEs

Tools for Sofwarte Engineers

Efficient tooling is crucial for software engineers to accomplish their challenging day-to-day tasks when developing complex software systems. While there is a multitude of integrated development environments (IDEs) for general purpose programming languages out there, a basic IDE is often not enough to meet the requirements of specific software development infrastructures, workflows, or products. If you need IDE support for a domain-specific language, a dedicated build toolchain, software analysis tool, debugging environment, or source collaboration infrastructure, our team at EclipseSource is your ideal partner.

Modeling Tools


Modeling allows individuals to deal with the increasing complexity of today’s business domains. Models can be used for a variety of tasks, such as the specification of systems, processes, requirements and many other aspects of a domain. To gather the benefits from modeling and domain-specific languages (DSMLs), efficient tooling is crucial. The EclipseSource team consists of experts for realizing tools for graphical modeling, textual modeling, model analysis, code generation, model versioning, collaborative modeling, etc. This applies for custom modeling languages as well as languages based on standards such as UML.

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Domain-specific Tools


Data-centric, domain-specific applications and tools are required in various domains, e.g. Electrical Engineering: To design complex products, such as processors or devices; Automotive Engineering: To develop cars and controllers; Finance: To describe, simulate and configure products such as insurances or funds, and many more domains. Whether it is an Eclipse-based application (RCP or Eclipse 4), a browser-based solution or JavaFX: Benefit from our technical experience to handle the complexity of your domain-specific project. You are the domain expert, we are the technical experts, together we can build a great tool for your domain!

Web-based Tools


Installability, portability and a modern UI — there are many reasons to develop tooling as web-based applications. EclipseSource is focussed on web-technology since over 17 years. We are the main driver of the Remote Application Platform (RAP) and JSON Forms and are deeply involved in web-based tool platforms including Eclipse Che and Theia. Get in contact with us to design your web-based tool, to migrate an existing tool or to explore potential mix scenarios.

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Desktop-based Tools


Powerful tooling support often still demands for desktop-based solutions. Modern UI Toolkits such as JavaFX and openGL allow powerful visualizations. Native hardware access supports advanced use cases. EclipseSource has grown experience for well over a decade in selecting the right technology mix for your custom solution. Get in contact with us to support your existing project or to help you design the optimal solution from scratch.

Eclipse-based Tools

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Eclipse is one of the most popular platforms for building tools for software engineers. Since many years, this platform provides arguably the richest ecosystem of mature development tools, such as C/C++ development tools (CDT), the Java development tools (JDT), debug tools, build systems, code analysis tools, and so on. With Xtext and EMF, Eclipse is also a platform for building domain-specific languages, code generators, simulators, etc. Get in contact with our team of Eclipse committers to support your plugin, custom IDE, Rich Client or Eclipse 4 application.

Concept & Evaluate

Before creating any modeling tool, the actual model has to be externalized. Based on our extensive experience in abstracting complex domains, we can provide you with guidance through this step. By using frameworks, we can support you with early prototype versions of a modeling tool for your domain. This enables you to test and evaluate early stages of custom models. Further, a technical basis including platforms and frameworks must be selected. We support your evaluation of technologies and enable you to make the right decision at this early phase of your project.

Support & Training

While modeling can assist with the high complexity of your domain, it also adds new concepts and technologies to your project. Our customized trainings are an optimal way to jumpstart your team. With ongoing developer support we can immediately answer urgent questions, provide template solutions, assist in the first design decisions, and provide code reviews. Thereby, we support you to avoid common pitfalls in the beginning of your projects and efficiently transfer the required knowledge to your team.

Consult & Implement

Let our experienced developers help you to efficiently implement your solution in time. We can actively collaborate with your existing team, contribute certain modules, or even take over complete projects for you. You will benefit from the experience and knowledge our experts have acquired in a huge diversity of successful projects. We can be used to work efficiently and to be integrated into existing processes and infrastructure or, alternatively, to set them up with you.

Create & Maintain

One main goal of modeling is to save development efforts by being able to adopt frameworks. Based on the custom model definition, those frameworks can generically solve cross-cutting requirements, such as visualization, versioning, or transformation. We are heavily involved in the development of modeling frameworks and can therefore assist you to adopt the right solution. Furthermore, we can even create new domain-specific frameworks for you. Finally, when applying a framework, we can ensure the on-going and long-term maintenance for you.

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