Eclipse Che

Get our support and consulting on how to adopt and customize Eclipse Che – the open-source remote developer workspace server

Customize the default IDE of Eclipse Che

The default IDE provided in Eclipse Che, called Theia, is fully customizable and extensible, with new features. Do you want to add a project- or domain-specific feature, do you want to support a domain-specific language or do you want to integrate your developers’ workflow into a cloud-based toolchain? Then talk to us about your specific requirements to adapt the Che IDE to your specific needs.

Also see our service offerings for IDEs and tools , for online tools and consulting for Eclipse Theia.

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Custom online IDEs, Editors and Tools in Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che provides a default online IDE focussed on source code-driven development. However, Che also allows you to host custom tools and editors, such as modeling tools, diagram editors or tools for domain-specific languages. Talk to us and get our support for integrating your domain-specific solution into Che and enable your domain experts to benefit from a truly cloud-based solution!

EclipseSource provides support for building custom for IDEs and tools and consulting for online tools.

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Adapt Eclipse Che with custom workspaces and factories

Eclipse Che comes with a variety of workspace configurations out of the box. Are you still missing some runtime or CLI tools? Do you want to add your specific project requirements to all developers workspaces in one step? And finally, do you want to enable your team, and even external collaborators to get a workspace fully set up with one click? Then EclipseSource can support you with configuring your environment for Che as well as embedding the concept of cloud workspaces into your daily workflow.

Also see our consulting services for online tools and service offerings for IDEs and tools in general.

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