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Get our support, consulting and services to build web-based diagram editors with Eclipse GLSP – the framework for graphical languages!

Building Diagram Editors in the web

Eclipse GLSP is a framework for building web-based diagram editors of any kind. It can be used in any domain to visualize data, processes, relationships or whatever your domain experts need to work on. GLSP provides extensive feature support and state-of-the-art diagram rendering capabilities, including scalability for very large diagrams. At the same time, GLSP significantly reduces the effort of developing custom graphical languages with its well-defined separation of concerns, modern UI technologies (SVG and CSS) and its flexibility when it comes to customization. Moreover, GLSP makes diagram editors available in a browser, either as part of a web-based tool, any web application or standalone.
EclipseSource, as the creators of Eclipse GLSP, supports you in designing and implementing your web-based diagram editors. We have decades of experience in designing and implementing graphical languages, whether they follow a standard, such as UML, SysML, BPMN, etc. or whether they are custom domain-specific languages. Get in contact with us to discuss your requirements and please see our service offerings for building tools and web-based tools in particular.

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Integrated with all popular IDEs

Eclipse GLSP diagram editor can be integrated into any web application, web site or web-based tool/IDE. GLSP already provides ready-to-use integrations with VS Code, Eclipse Theia and Eclipse desktop. Moreover, GLSP provides adapters so you can integrate features such as loading diagrams or links to other UI elements easily into any frame you like. So, provide your users with a perfect, modern looking graphical tool that is tightly integrated with existing IDEs or your specific tool platform with GLSP! EclipseSource has a great deal of experience in building fully integrated tool chains, more than just drawing boards! We can support you in integrating diagram editors into existing platforms and also with other tool features, such as other representations, validation or analysis components. Please see our service offerings for building tools and web-based tools in particular and get in contact with us to discuss your individual needs!

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Integration with your domain landscape

When implementing diagram editors for graphical languages, you often need to integrate the semantics of the diagram with other components. This includes an underlying domain model, validation, data analysis, debugging, form-based UIs or textual languages. Eclipse GLSP strongly encapsulates the data and the business logic of a diagram editor on the server, the browser-based client is solely focussed on the rendering. This architecture is well-proven for the language server protocol (LSP) and allows for more efficiency and flexibility. This is especially true when you want to integrate your diagram with cross-cutting components, that might even already exist from a desktop-based tool. With its strong focus on tool development in a variety of domains, EclipseSource can support you to efficiently augment your diagram editors with other features such as data entry, visualization, validation, analysis, simulation, comparison, versioning or multi-user collaboration. If you want to learn more, please have a look at our services for building modeling tools, building tools and web-based tools and get in contact with us to discuss your individual needs!

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Eclipse GLSP is a very stable and mature platform. However, when adopting GLSP, you might identify missing features or other improvements that you require in your specific use case. Furthermore, you might want to ensure the long term viability of the platform. This is where the core strength of an open and transparent project like GLSP really comes into play: You can adapt and improve GLSP the way you need it and contribute to its long term success. EclipseSource, as a strategic contributor, can support you in adopting and improving GLSP via sponsored development. We can focus on specific improvements you require, or strengthen the long term viability of the platform, whatever matches your current goals.

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