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Development of Eclipse RCP Applications

Are you interested in using Eclipse RCP as a stable and modular platform for your custom implementation project? Do you have an existing Eclipse RCP application and need support in the development and maintenance? EclipseSource provides you with decades of experience in developing a large variety of Eclipse RCP applications in various domains such as finance, transportation, aviation, construction, insurance, defense, embedded systems, automotive and semiconductors.

Benefit from our services supporting your Eclipse RCP in the design, the architecture and implementation and get in contact with us

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Modernizing Eclipse RCP Applications

Eclipse RCP is a very stable platform, with many adopting applications having a life cycle of more than a decade. To achieve this, occasional modernization steps are recommended and necessary. Do you want to improve the look and feel of your application, do you need support to migrate from Eclipse 3.x to Eclipse 4.x, do you need help in migrating your project to Maven Tycho or do you even want to replace SWT with JavaFX? EclipseSource has extensive experience in all typical modernization steps of an Eclipse RCP application. As a stable and long-term partner, we can help you evolve and modernize your Eclipse RCP application to the latest technology stack. Talk to us to discuss the seamless modernization Eclipse RCP project! 

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Migrating Eclipse RCP Applications to the web

There is a big shift from desktop-based applications to web- and cloud-based applications. In recent years, this even includes complex RCP applications. Do you want to know what it takes to migrate your application? Do you want to migrate your existing, desktop-based RCP application to the web/cloud? EclipseSource covers both worlds. We understand your existing application, but we are also experts for modern web-based stacks. With EclipseSources’ consulting and implementation services around Eclipse RCP and web technologies, you will successfully evolve your project to a modern ecosystem. Get in contact with us to discuss your RCP migration story to the web!

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Eclipse RCP: Training and Workshops

Eclipse RCP is a very powerful framework, but requires  the development team to be familiar with several core concepts and technical solutions. Improve your efficiency by providing the respective training and knowledge transfer upfront! EclipseSource has trained developers in Eclipse RCP since its inception and has real RCP experts on staff who also authored several books on this topic. Furthermore, we can run individual workshops to cover project-specific topics or discuss architectural improvements. Training classes and workshops are provided by world-renowned experts in the field. Get in contact with us to discuss the best training options for you to build up the required knowledge about Eclipse RCP!

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Eclipse RCP has proven to be an amazingly stable platform over the years. However, sometimes specific use cases require bug fixes or enhancements to the platform. Since Eclipse RCP istruely open-source and is neutrally governed, it is possible to contribute to Eclipse RCP and to strengthen its sustainability. This is not only a friendly move but is part of good technical governance, since it makes sure that you do not have to port your specific fixes and features additions to new versions and makes sure the technology you rely upon is sustainable. If you do not have the required resources and knowledge, EclipseSource can make contributions for you via sponsored development. We have committers on all relevant core technologies and can therefore effectively accelerate your open source contributions. Furthermore, we provide long-term support for Eclipse RCP enabling you to maintain older platform versions specifically for your project.

Get in contact with us to discuss how you can benefit from contributions and how to ensure the maintenance and stability of the platform for your long-term success!

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