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Hosting Theia-based applications

Would you also like to allow users to start using the tool chain simply by accessing a URL? Do you want to host your custom tool offering online? Theia Cloud is an open source technology to build tailored hosting solutions for online tools and IDEs, e.g. tools based on Eclipse Theia. EclipseSource, as initiator and leader of Theia Cloud provides you with years of experience in developing custom and domain-specific hosting solutions in various domains from embedded systems, automotive, finance to semiconductors.

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Tailor your Tool Hosting Solution

Eclipse Theia extensions and plugins integrate textual language frameworks such as LSP, Monaco, Eclipse JDT/CDT, Git and Xtext to support web-based and cloud-based IDEs for generic programming languages as well as your custom textual DSLs. This includes  features such as syntax highlighting, autocompletion, refactorings, formatting and quick fixes. Whether it be a simple extension or a full-fledged custom IDE, EclipseSource can support you with efficiently migrating and evolving your development environment into the cloud!

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Theia Cloud is open source and works out-of-the-box. However, when adopting Theia Cloud, you might identify missing features or other improvements that you require in your specific use case. Furthermore, you might want to ensure the long term viability of the platform. This is where the core strength of an open and transparent project like Theia Cloud really comes into play: You can adapt and improve Theia Cloud the way you need it. EclipseSource, as a strategic contributor, can support you in adopting and improving Theia Cloud via sponsored development. We can focus on specific improvements you require, or strengthen the long term viability of the platform, whatever matches your current goals.

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