Web- and Cloud-based Tools

Web- and cloud-based IDEs and tools simplify the deployment, scalability and portability and enable cloud-native development, as well as a modern look-and-feel.

EclipseSource traditionally has a strong focus on web-based tools and provides you with support, consulting and implementation services. Contact us to design your solution based on Eclipse Che, Eclipse Theia, VS Code, GLSP, EMF.cloud or any custom web technology stack that matches your specific requirements.

In addition to greenfield projects, we frequently support customers in migrating existing desktop- or Eclipse-based tools to the cloud by developing and implementing a migration strategy. When beginning your journey to the web it is key to maintain as much value as possible from existing tools. When entering the volatile ecosystem of web technologies, you should prevent strong dependencies on any particular web technology, and avoid sudden disruptions in their evolution.

Eclipse Theia

Eclipse Theia is a platform for building web-based tools, IDEs or even cloud-based modeling suites. Eclipse Theia is highly extensible and adaptable, in fact, it is one of the most flexible solutions in the area of web IDEs. The platform integrates well with existing language components (e.g. via the Language Server Protocol or GLSP) and can serve as a front-end for workspace servers, e.g. for Eclipse Che. Get our support to get started with Eclipse Theia, to extend it with features that are missing or even to create a full-fledged toolchain in the cloud based on it.

Contact us to learn more about our consulting, training and support offerings around Eclipse Theia!

Visual Studio Code and More

Visual Studio Code provides a light-weight but extensible code editor based on web technologies available as a desktop or browser-based tool. Its popularity among developers has led to a huge ecosystem of existing extensions. EclipseSource has supported a variety of projects to provide custom extensions to VS Code’s large user base or to optimize the in-house use of VS Code with domain-specific adaptations. Benefit from our consulting, support and implementation services to most efficiently adapt the ecosystem of VS Code for your specific domain!

Apart from VS Code, the ecosystem around web- and cloud-based tools is very active, diverse, and volatile. In case none of the existing platforms fit the needs of your specific project, EclipseSource as a technology creator can support you in combining the best components and fill missing gaps to design the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Get in contact with us to discuss the best potential solution for your specific use case!

Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a full-stack solution for cloud-based tooling. It provides a powerful workspace server, which enables developers to seamlessly share their set-up and runtime with team members. The web-based IDE of Eclipse Che (by default Eclipse Theia) connects to the workspace server and enables development in the browser with zero set-up effort. The Eclipse Che IDE, as well as the Che workspace server, are highly extensible and adaptable. Get our support with adopting Eclipse Che, adapting or replacing the default IDE or even create a white-label workspace server solution based on Che. EclipseSource has contributed to Eclipse Che almost since its inception.

Contact us to learn more about our Eclipse Che consulting and implementation services, and to get support for adapting the platform to your custom requirements.

Concept & Evaluate

Before creating any modeling tool, the actual model has to be externalized. Based on our extensive experience in abstracting complex domains, we can provide you with guidance through this step. By using frameworks, we can support you with early prototype versions of a modeling tool for your domain. This enables you to test and evaluate early stages of custom models. Further, a technical basis including platforms and frameworks must be selected. We support your evaluation of technologies and enable you to make the right decision at this early phase of your project.

Support & Training

While modeling can assist with the high complexity of your domain, it also adds new concepts and technologies to your project. Our customized trainings are an optimal way to jumpstart your team. With ongoing developer support we can immediately answer urgent questions, provide template solutions, assist in the first design decisions, and provide code reviews. Thereby, we support you to avoid common pitfalls in the beginning of your projects and efficiently transfer the required knowledge to your team.

Consult & Implement

Let our experienced developers help you to efficiently implement your solution in time. We can actively collaborate with your existing team, contribute certain modules, or even take over complete projects for you. You will benefit from the experience and knowledge our experts have acquired in a huge diversity of successful projects. We can be used to work efficiently and to be integrated into existing processes and infrastructure or, alternatively, to set them up with you.

Create & Maintain

One main goal of modeling is to save development efforts by being able to adopt frameworks. Based on the custom model definition, those frameworks can generically solve cross-cutting requirements, such as visualization, versioning, or transformation. We are heavily involved in the development of modeling frameworks and can therefore assist you to adopt the right solution. Furthermore, we can even create new domain-specific frameworks for you. Finally, when applying a framework, we can ensure the on-going and long-term maintenance for you.

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